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Title: Off
Fandom: X-Men/Young Avengers
Characters: Billy/Teddy, one sided Victor/Billy
Prompt: 13. Don’t tell me you’re off to see the world. – The Jeep Song, Dresden Dolls
Word Count: 254
Rating: PG
Summary: Billy’s not sure what he’s going to do about Teddy’s proposition.
Author's Notes: I own nothing.

Title: Last Day on Earth
Fandom: X-Men/Young Avengers
Characters: Billy/Teddy, one sided Victor/Billy
Prompt: 23. Been given 24 hours to tie up loose ends. – 24, Jem
Word Count: 400
Rating: PG
Summary: Billy’s got a day to get everything in order.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Off.

Title: Somewhere Out There
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Alani, one sided Victor/Billy
Prompt: 4. Because somewhere the one I wanna be with’s with somebody else. – Someone That You’re With, Nickelback
Word Count: 186
Rating: PG
Summary: Victor’s thinking about Billy, and Alani wants to kick him.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Last Day on Earth.

Title: Autobiography
Fandom: X-Men/Young Avengers
Characters: Billy Kaplan, Julian Keller, Victor Borkowski
Prompt: 40. I should never have written what I never said to you. – Window Song, Finger Eleven
Word Count: 301
Rating: PG
Summary: Billy comes back to Earth to find out what happened to Victor.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Somewhere Out There.

Title: Killing Me
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Victor Borkowski
Prompt: 26. Die by your hand
Word Count: 179
Rating: PG
Summary: How do you write about your own death?
Author's Notes: Sequel to Autobiography.

Title: No Regrets
Fandom: X-Men/Young Avengers
Characters: Billy, Victor
Prompt: 28. Looking back, I can say I wouldn’t change a day. – Say the Same, Hoobastank
Word Count: 281
Rating: PG
Summary: Billy doesn’t have much in the way of regrets.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Autobiography.

Title: Well Read
Fandom: X-Men/Young Avengers
Characters: Victor/Billy
Prompt: 8. The things I want to say to you get lost before they come. – In Between, Linkin Park
Word Count: 342
Rating: PG
Summary: It’s not as thought it was hard for Billy to find an original edition of the book.
Author's Notes: Sequel to No Regrets.

Title: Fast/Slow
Fandom: X-Men/Young Avengers
Characters: Billy Kaplan/Victor Borkowski
Prompt: 39. If I can hold on to this feeling this long, maybe I can get you to hold me. – Change the World, Finger Eleven
Word Count: 221
Rating: PG
Summary: In which there is some debate as to the speed of a relationship.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Well Read, and the final part of my as yet Untitled Anole/Wiccan series.


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