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Title: Feels Like My Insides Are On Fire: 100 Chamber Stories
Universe: X-Men
Summary: Another 100moods challenger, for Jonothon Starsmore.

Title: Reach For the Sky, For Tomorrow My Never Come: 50 Young Avengers stories
Universe: Young Avengers
Summary: A fanfic50 table.
Status: 50/50 FINISHED!

Title: Your Worst Nightmare
Universe: Marvel
Summary: An 10_prompts table starring Terry ward from Avengers: the Initiative.
Status: 10/10

Title: Forbidden Fruit: 30 That Damn Mpreg stories
Universe: That Damn Mpreg
Summary: 30 stories written for the 30_forbidden challenge table.
Status: 30/30

Title: Lizard Lips: 50 Stories of Victor Borkowski
Universe: X-Men
Summary: Yet another fanfic50 table, this time starring my favorite X-character.
Status: 50/50

Title: Lost in Time, Lost In Space: 10 Space Cases Stories
Universe: Space Cases
Summary: 10 Space Cases stories.
Status: 10/10

Title: Don't Stop Running: 50 Runaways stories
Universe: Runaways
Summary: Another fanfic50 table.
Status: 50/50 FINISHED!

Title: Everyone Gets A Ride
Universe: That Damn Mpreg
Summary: Ten Zeke Starsmore stories.
Status: 10/10

Title: Future Somewhat Less Than Perfect: 10 That Damn Mpreg stories
Universe: That Damn Mpreg
Summary: Another 10_prompts table.
Status: 10/10

Title: Say You Want a Revolution: Legion of Super-Heroes
Universe: LoSH
Summary: A Challenge table for DC's Legion of Super-Heroes.
Status: 15/15

Title: Flame On! Ten Stories of Warren Peace
Universe: Sky High
Summary: 10 Warren Peace stories.
Status: 10/10

Title: Blood and Chocolate: 10 Topher Stories
Universe: Marvel
Summary: 10 Topher Stories.
Status: 10/10

Title: Just Let Yourself Go: 100 Moods of Victor Borkowski
Universe: X-Men
Summary: Another 100moods challenge table, for Victor "Anole" Borkowski.
Status: 100/100 FINISHED!

Title: I'm Not Well: 30 Victor Borkowski stories
Universe: Marvel
Summary: A 30_wounds table for Vic.
Status: 30/30 FINISHED!

Title: Lizard Boy: 15 Anole Stories
Universe: Marvel
Summary: An xmen15 table.
Status: 15/15 FINISHED!

Title: Can't You See I'm Burning Alive?: 15 Generation X stories
Universe: Generation X
Summary: A xmen15 table for GenX
Status: 15/15 FINISHED!

Title: Well I Want You To Notice When I'm Not Around: 100 Billy/Teddy stories
Summary: My otp_100 table for Billy and Teddy.
Universe: Young Avengers
Status: 100/100 FINISHED!

Title: Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace: 30 TommyxMegan stories
Universe: Young Avengers/New X-Men
Summary: Because you voted for it! 100_prompts 30-B table for Megan and Tommy
Status: 30/30 FINISHED!

Title: In Search of Honor
Universe: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Summary: 10 Zuko Stories
Status: 10/10 FINISHED!

Title: Show Me What It's Like to Be the Last One Standing: 10 Stories of Ultimate Jessica Drew
Universe: Ultimate Marvel
Summary: Another 10 prompt table.
Status: 10/10 FINISHED!

Title: 100 Shades of Green: Anole Stories
Universe: Marvel, New X-Men
Summary: I thought to myself, what character could I do 100 stories on? And I told myself, "Probably Anole." So here's his fanfic100 table.
Status: 100/100 FINISHED!

Title: 30 Caresses: Billy and Teddy
Universe: Young Avengers
Summary: Billy and Teddy for 30_caresses.

Title: Angels would Fall: 10 Jay GuthriexSooraya Qadir stories
Summary: Cause YOU voted for it!
Universe: X-Men
Status: 10/10 FINISHED!

Title: We May Rise and Fall, But In the End We'll Meet Our Fate Together: 10 That Damn Mpreg Stories
Summary: 10 That Damn Mpreg stories
Universe: That Damn Mpreg

Title: Long Way To Run: 30 Speed Stories
Summary: 30 Tommy stories for 100_prompts
Universe: Young Avengers
Status: 30/30 FINISHED!

Title: Animal I Have Become: 10 Timber Wolf Stories
Summary: 10 stories starring Brin Londo from the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series.
Universe: Legion of Super-Heroes (Animated)
Status: 10/10 FINISHED

Title: Broken Love Song: 10 JonoxJubilee Stories
Universe: MC2
Summary: 10 MC2 stories staring Jubilation Lee and Jonothon Starsmore
Status: 10/10 FINISHED!

Title: Sic Transit Gloria: Alpha Squadron
Universe: X-Men
Summary: A challenge table dedicated to Alpha Squadron
Status: 15/15 FINISHED

Title: And The Werewolves Howled Down the Alley Just A Little Out of Tune: Tales from the World of Darkness
Universe: White Wolf's Original World of Darkness
Summary: Stories from the World of Darkness.
Status: 10/10 FINISHED!
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