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Title: Alpha Flight
Author: [personal profile] dorksidefiker
Fandom: That Damn Mpreg
Table/Prompt: Table 4/29. Medicated
Character/Pairing: Raia Guthrie, Lucian Beaubier, Carmen Hu, Alan Davis, Nigel Blackeagle, James Guay
Rating: PG
Word Count: 403
Summary: They’re supposed to be Canada’s answer to the Avengers
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: Mine! Well, actually this one owes a lot to [personal profile] time, so blame him.

It was days like this when Lucian gave serious thought to medicating himself with a bottle of Scotch.

Things had been going well, despite Jean-Paul’s dire predictions. The government agents had given Lucian and Raia the grand tour of Alpha Fight’s new Toronto base. The building was a showcase, designed to bring in gawking tourists, like the Avengers Tower in New York. Then they were introduced to most of the rest of the team. Lightspeed -- James -- the Beaubiers already knew; they’d gone to school with him. Snowbird wasn’t there yet, but her protégé Nigel Blackeagle, code named Blizzard, was. He didn’t look all that happy to be there, treating the government agents swarming about like so many bees in a hive with a kind of distant disdain. Amethyst, a Chinese-Canadian woman who introduced herself more informally as Carmen Hu, was a bit more friendly but reserve.

Then Alan Davis arrived, resplendent in his red and white uniform, looking around like he owned the place. Of course, everyone had been briefed on everyone else before hand, so they all knew that the new Guardian was the official team leader, the pride of Department H’s new super-soldier program.

Lucian knew it was all going to hell when Alan took on look at Raia and said, “That one is not going to be on the team until she puts on some real clothes.”

Raia glared at him, and Lucian knew she was ready to come out swinging. “Fuck you, Major Mapleleaf.”

From anyone else, those would have only been harsh words, but Raia’s power granted them enough force to knock Alan across the room, cracking the glass conference table in the process. Raia sniffed, managing to convey the full weight of her disdain and gliding out of the room like a dark cloud. “When dipshit comes to his senses, remind him that he can’t, in fact, tell me what to wear. It’s in my contract.”

“Uncle was right,” Lucian muttered under his breath. “This was a bad idea.”
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