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Finished Challenge Tables

For those of you who just want to keep track of my Challenge Tables, here they all are:

Title: Legacies of Our Fathers
Universe: DC Comics
Summary: 7 Cass Cain/Connor Hawke stories.

Title: Who I Am Hates Who I've Been: 7 Kevin Levin Stories
Universe: Ben 10
Summary: 7 stories starring Kevin Levin

Title: Sinful: 7 Kaiba/Jounouchi stories
Universe: Yu-Gi-Oh
Summary: 7 Yu-Gi-Oh stories.

Title: Graceful Dice: 7 Virtuous Kaiba/Shizuka stories
Universe: Yu-Gi-Oh
Summary: 7 Yu-Gi-Oh stories.

Title: Music of the Technology
Universe: Reboot
Summary: 10 Reboot stories.

Title: The Little Merman
Universe: Young Justice Animated
Summary: 10 Young Justice (animated) stories. Mostly about Kaldur'ahm.

Title: Those Who Hunt Monsters
Universe: Monster Force
Summary: 10 Monster Force stories.

Title: Start Me Up
Universe: Generator Rex
Summary: 10 Generator Rex stories.

Title: Lioness of Asgard
Universe: Marvel Comics
Summary: 10 Stories starring Hildy, daughter of Volstagg.

Title: Not Holding Out for a Hero
Universe: City of Heroes
Summary: 10 City of Heroes stories

Title: Me and the Music
Universe: Jem and the Holograms
Summary: Another 10 prompt Jem table.

Title: It's All About the Music
Universe: Jem and the Holograms
Summary: 10 Jem and the Holograms stories.

Title: Defenders of the Universe: 10 Voltron Stories
Universe: Voltron
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin.

Title: Just Dance (It'll be Okay): 10 Pixie/Speed Stories
Universe: Marvel
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin.

Title: A Flight of Gargoyles
Universe: Gargoyles
Summary: 10 Gargoyles prompts.

Title: But Thanks for Loving Me: 10 Anole Stories
Universe: X-Men
Summary: 10 Anole stories.

Title: Live This Life
Universe: Young Titans
Summary: A 10_lyrics set for my Young Titans stories.

Title: Does Whatever A Spider Can: 10 Ultimate Peter Parker Stories
Universe: Ultimate Marvel
Summary: Another 10 Prompts, because YOU asked for it.

Title: The Blind Woman Saw: Ten Stories of Ruth Aldine
Universe: X-Men
Summary: 10 Ruth "Blindfold" Aldine stories

Title: The Man Without A Face: 15 Jonothon Starsmore Stories
Universe: X-Men
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin, folks.

Title: Straight Arrow
Universe: DC Comics
Summary: 20 Connor Hawke Stories

Title: Happily Ever After
Universe: MC2
Summary: 20 MC2 stories.

Title: Freaks and Geeks
Universe: X-Men: Evolution
Summary: 20 X-Men: Evolution stories.

Title: Into Etheria
Universe: She-Ra: Princess of Power
Summary: 20 She-Ra stories.

Title: Tales from the Bone Yard: 20 Skeleton Warriors stories
Universe: Skeleton Warriors
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin.

Title: The Gravekeeper
Universe: Original
Summary: A series of original stories.

Title: Innocence Lost, Innocence Found
Universe: D.Gray-Man
Summary: 25 D.Gray-Man stories.

Title: Myth 101: 25 Class of the Titans stories
Universe: Class of the Titans.
Summary: Just what you think it is.

Title: It's All Greek To Me: 25 Class of the Titans stories
Universe: Class of the Titans
Summary: Exactly what is says on the tin.

Title: 25 Feathers
Universe: Tsubasa Reservoir Chonicle
Summary: Another fanfic25 table.
Status: 0/25

Title: Thundercats! Ho!
Universe: Thundercats
Summary: 25 Thundercats stories from fanfic25

Title: Spaced
Universe: Space Cases
Summary: 25 Space Cases stories from fanfic25

Title: Like Lightning: 25 Stories of Billy Kaplan
Universe: Young Avengers
Summary: Another [profile] fanfic25 table, this time just for Billy.

Title: First Day of My Life: 25 Ultimate Jessica Drew Stories
Universe: Ultimate Marvel
Summary: A [profile] fanfic25 table for Jessica Drew.

Title: The A to Z's of being a Hero
Universe: Ben 10
Summary: 26 Ben 10 stories

Title: That Which Is Dead
Universe: Original
Summary: 30 stories from an original super-hero universe.

Title: We Had Fire In Our Eyes: 30 Generation X stories
Universe: Marvel
Summary: Another 30 prompt table for GenX

Title: Live Fast: 30 GenX Stories
Universe: Generation X
Summary: A random_30 table featuring the Generation X crew, just because I felt like it.

Title: I've Lost My Fear of Falling: 40 Anole/Wiccan Stories
Universe: Young Avengers/New X-Men
Summary: A 40_verses table for Billy and Victor.

Title: Take the Blade: 50 Bleach stories
Universe: Bleach
Summary: Another 50scenes table featuring the cast of Bleach.

Title: The Smart Guy
Universe: Marvel
Summary: 25 fics and 25 icons starring Amadeus Cho

Title: A Voice Like a Horny Angel: 50 Supernatural Stories
Universe: Supernatural
Summary: 50 Supernatural stories. God help us all.

Title: Traumatic
Universe: Marvel
Summary: 50 Trauma stories for 50scenes

Title: The Lizard King: Another 50 Anole Stories
Universe: X-Men
Summary: A 50scenes table starring my favorite X-Man, Victor Borkowski.

Title: Defy Gravity: 50 Teddy Altman stories
Universe: Young Avengers
Summary: 50 Teddy Altman stories using a table from fanfic50

Title: I've Lost My Fear of Falling: 50 Avatar: the Last Airbender stories
Universe: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Summary: A fanfic50 table for AtLA.

Title: 50 Mutants
Universe: New X-Men
Summary: 50 New X-Men stories.

Title: A More Innocent Place: 50 MC2 Stories
Summary: 50 MC2 stories for fanfic50.
Universe: MC2

Title: Wicked Wanda: 50 Wanda Maximoff Stories
Summary: 50 X-Men: Evolution Wanda Maximoff stories for Greatest Journal's 100_prompts.
Universe: X-Men: Evolution

Title: In the Cards
Universe: X-Men
Summary: 78 stories starring Megan Gwynn.

Title: 100 Moods of a Mechanical Man: Victor Mancha
Universe: Runaways
Summary: The 100moods challenge, starring Victor Mancha

Title: Can You Stop the Lies?: 100 Ultimate Marvel Slash Stories
Summary: 100 stories for slash_100
Universe: Ultimate Marvel

Title: Just Scream for Me, And I'll Be What You're Falling On: 100 XavinxKarolina stories
Universe: Runaways
Summary: An lover100 table for Xavin and Karolina.

Title: 100 Songs for a Hollow Heart
Universe: Marvel, X-Men
Summary: And I got to thinking, "You know who else needs more fic? Chamber." So here's his 100songs table

Title: 100 Times They Ran Away
Universe: Runaways
Summary: 100 Runaways stories using the 100_situations table.

Title: 100 Examples of Super-Hero Behavior
Universe: Young Avengers
Summary: Another 100_situations table.

Title: Elighten Me, Reveal My Fate: 100 New X-Men stories
Universe: X-Men
Summary: 100 New X-Men stories using another 100_situations table.

Title: The Lust Lizard
Universe: X-Men
Summary: A lover100 table starring Victor Borkowski.

Title: Poor Unfortunate Souls: 100 That Damn Mpreg stories
Universe: That Damn Mpreg
Summary: Another 100_situations table for That Damn Mpreg

Title: Heroine Addict: 100 Women
Universe: Many
Summary: My 100_women challenge table

Title: The Wickedest Witch of Your Very Worst Nightmare
Universe: Original
Summary: Because I felt like writing some stuff that wasn't fanfic.

Title: On a Wing and a Prayer
Universe: Young Avengers
Summary: 100 Young Avengers stories.

Title: There's No Happy Ending: 100 TDM Stories
Universe: That Damn Mpreg
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin.

Title: NeXt Generation
Universe: New X-Men
Summary: Yet another 100 prompt table for the X-Kids.

Title: The Most Lovely Shade of Green
Universe: X-Men
Summary: Another 100 Anole stories.

Title: You Want Me? Come Find Me: 100 Songs for a Slinger
Universe: Marvel, but I'm putting it under Runaways for sanity's sake
Summary: 100 Ricochet fics done for the 100songs challenge
Status: 14/100

Title: Can You Teach Me How To Fly?: 100 Cannonball Stories
Universe: X-Men: Evolution
Summary: For the fanfic100 challenge.
Status: 25/100

Title: Why Do You Love Me? It's Driving Me Crazy!: 50 Gaara/Hinata Stories
Universe: Naruto
Summary: The 50_shinobi challenge, starring Hyuuga Hinata and Sabaku no Gaara
Status: 34/50

Title: 30 Caresses: Victor and Molly
Universe: Runaways
Summary: A 30_caresses challenge starring Victor Mancha and Molly Hayes
Status: Abandoned. 21/30

Title: 31 Nights: Billy/Teddy
Universe: Young Avengers
Summary: Billy and Teddy for 31nights
Status: Abandoned. 11/31

Title: 30 Caresses: Tommy and Nico
Universe: Runaways/Young Avengers
Summary: Tommy and Nico for 30_caresses
Status: 18/30. Abandoned

Title: I Come From A Land Down Under: 30 Owen Mercer Stories
Summary: 30 stories staring Owen "Captain Boomerang" Mercer.
Universe: DC Comics
Status: 5/30
Updated: 04.29.07 Abandoned

Title: 100 Moody Moments: A Nico Minoru Challenge
Universe: Runaways
Summary: So the Nico who lives in my mind was demanding I work with her a bit moreā€¦ behold the 100moods Nico table.
Status: 28/100 Abandoned
Updated: 06.05.07

Title: She's Just the Girl: 30 Wallflower Tales
Summary: 30 stories starring Sunako Nakahara and the rest of the gang from The Wallfower.
Universe: The Wallflower
Status: 4/30 Abandoned
Updated: 06.03.07

Title: I Just Wanna Live: 100 Kankuro Stories
Universe: Naruto
Summary: Another fanfic100 table for Naruto's Kankuro
Status: 32/100 Abandoned
Updated: 06.17.07

Title: It's Not Paranoia: 100 Matt Bluestone Stories
Universe: Gargoyles:
Summary: 100 stories about Matt Bluestone written with the 100moods prompts.
Status: 21/100 Abandoned
Updated: 06.23.07

Title: I Won't Break this Silence: 50 sotries of Chika and Satoshi
Summary: A 50_ouran table for Haninozuka Yasuchika and Morinozuka Satoshi
Universe: Ouran High School Host Club
Status: 20/50 ABANDONED
Updated: 12.03.07

Title: You Wanted the Best, But It Wasn't Me: 50 stories of Kasanoda Ritsu
Summary: A 50_ouran table for Kasanoda Ritsu
Universe: Ouran High School Host Club
Status: 18/50 ABANDONED
Updated: 12.05.07

Title: Green Thumb
Universe: Freshmen
Summary: 10 Charles Levy stories.
Status: 5/10

Title: A Thousand Years of Snowfall: 10 Millennium Snow Stories
Universe: Millennium Snow
Summary: 10 stories featuring the cast of Bisco Hatori's Millennium Snow
Status: 8/10
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